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3 reasons why to install a project ERP

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A project-based business is not just another business. Unlike most other companies, it is not the product but the project that is at the heart of your business. Moreover, the customer has much more influence in project companies. Despite these fundamental differences, many project companies still work with an ordinary ERP that is not adapted to their business. This can lead to frustration for both the customer and the company. Three reasons to choose a project-oriented ERP today!

Projects are your core business

A project ERP is more than an ERP with a planning board. Just like an ordinary ERP, it must support companies. There are, however, important differences. For example, not the produced end products are the core of your business, but the individual projects. Your ERP must, therefore, be set up from that perspective. The production is a form of material provision, just like purchasing, outsourcing and stocks.

A project ERP such as Desk Solutions variproject must be able to collect all data from the project and help companies make good decisions in the heat of battle. This means that it must be easy to use anywhere in the company. In the workplace, it is not always handy to enter data in the ERP. But several important decisions are made right on the work floor. Small applications such as planmate can offer a solution. Planmate is a planning tool that supports variproject. The application is device-independent and therefore works great on a tablet or smartphone. Planning is the connecting link between all departments and branches of your company.

Projects are expensive

an ERP project monitors your budget

Because projects are hectic, they sometimes dare to be very expensive: an extra delivery here, a new deadline there. But you cannot always recover these costs from your customer. It is therefore important that the financial health of your projects is closely monitored by your ERP. This is possible with variproject because the cost centres and turnover of the project are linked to the planning. This way you keep an overview of the real costs, cash flows and margin developments. Material costs and working hours end up directly with the projects so that you always have an up-to-date budget overview. Thanks to various dashboards, you can monitor the health of your projects at a glance and neither you nor your customer will be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Projects are hectic

an ERP project creates clarity

The customer has a large say in the projects. That sometimes leads to tight deadlines and hectic situations. You complete projects thanks to the cooperation of various links within your company. To make them work smoothly, they need a flexible and simple system that analyzes every part of every project. But many of these employees are not waiting for a time-consuming administrative solution. A project ERP gives you more flexibility than a regular ERP. Thanks to various in-depth planning tools, tasks can easily be scheduled. In the event of a change, all effects immediately become clear to the entire company. After all, every link in your company cooperates on a project and every change also has an impact on every link. Thanks to a good project ERP, all data can be entered, retrieved and analyzed easily and quickly.

A good project ERP such as Desk Solutions variproject enriches your SAP Business One. The full flow of your company is within reach and you can easily organize your entire company and all projects. That's how you make the difference. Knowing more? Contact Desk Solutions or ask your question using the form below!