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How SAP Business One helps an SME to deliver delicious chocolate products worldwide

vandenbulcke chocolade

Vandenbulcke Confiserie is a West-Flemish company that sells various chocolate products worldwide. To enable further growth, this family-owned SME was looking for an ERP package that allowed them to compete in a digitized world. They found the solution at Desk Solutions and SAP Business One. Jelle Vandenbulcke, Chocolate Executive Officer and Sales, sheds light on the collaboration.

1 million kilos of chocolate

Vandenbulcke Confiserie is a dynamic, family-owned SME that makes various chocolate products under its own brand and private label. Vandenbulcke was founded in 1949 by André Vandenbulcke. Meanwhile, the third generation is already working in the business. The company, which once started as a small family business, is now present in more than 40 countries and sold more than 1,000,000 kilograms of chocolate. Since 2010 the company uses fair trade chocolate.

"We have grown strongly in recent years, especially in international markets," says Jelle. “We also respond to niches. Our new production line will be launched this fall, with which we will redesign a traditional product. In the long term, we are committed to making innovative traditional chocolate products. "

What are the dreams of Jelle and Vandenbulcke? “We have many sweet dreams! No, as down-to-earth West Flemings, we wish to delve further into the honest world of food. In terms of digitization, we want to focus on further acceleration and automation of our ERP processes and supply chain flows."

Vandenbulcke confeserie gebouw buiten

Looking for strength in a digital world

“About ten years ago we were looking for an international ERP package that would give us the necessary strength to grow as a production company in a digital world. At the time, we had a shortlist of three possible packages. We chose SAP because we were convinced of the importance of an international package with support from a local partner. SAP Business One also offers the right amount of ERP for an SME. At Desk Solutions we found a solid partner that supports us where necessary and ensures that we stay current in this rapidly changing SAP world.”

The company's scenario

How does Vandenbulcke use SAP Business One on a daily basis? "SAP is the scenario for our company," says Jelle. “It is the central system along which the entire process, from order to delivery, runs. MRP, BOM, lot number, locations ... These are all essential things for a good supply chain within our SME that are also present in SAP Business One. "

Finally, Jelle goes over the benefits of SAP Business One in his company: “It is a central platform, from purchase to production to sales and delivery. A lot of things are standard in SAP. You also receive regular updates with new, progressive applications, such as available to promise and a relationship card. ”