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How a simple application stimulates your sales

Two women one sales representative sells product with salesmate by desk solutions

More customers attach importance to customer experience (CX). It is no longer sufficient to offer the cheapest product. The service must be personal and the customer must be central. Both B2B and B2C companies notice this.

A personal treatment gives a boost to your sales. But it is not obvious to reconcile this customer-oriented approach with a good administrative system if your sales are not tied to a fixed place. Desk Solutions developed salesmate as a solution to this battle.

salesmate is an extension to your existing ERP. The application is device-independent and gives you the possibility to draw all your attention to your customer: no more administrative hassle on fairs, at cash and carry's or during customer visits. Your customer and product are central.

4 ways salesmate supports your sales

Sell ​​anytime, anywhere

You can do business anywhere. Yet sales solutions are usually limited to your physical store or web store. salesmate is a mobile sales solution that gives time, overview and freedom to sales people. Cash and carry sales, fairs, representations and showrooming are made easier and clearer. The only thing you need is a connection to the internet and a tablet or smartphone. salesmate is a lightning fast and simple application that everyone can work within an instant. Sales are immediately registered by salesmate and saved in SAP Business One.

No lost data or delay of orders

Many companies visit trade fairs to increase their customer base and to put products in the spotlight. Although the digital transformation seeps through everywhere in companies, pen and paper remain the most common tools to record new customers and sales during trade shows. In this way, customer data and sales are lost. Technology can ensure that the experiences of customers at trade shows improve and that the administrative burden after events remains minimal.

There is nothing as frustrating as the loss of important data or the enormous administrative burden that follows after a trade show or expo. New contacts do not automatically enter the system, orders are entered via paper and must then be entered in the ERP before they can be sent to the customer. The customer has to wait and can, therefore, place his orders better afterwards so that prospects with your ideas go to their trusted dealer. Therefore, you better enter your order immediately in the ERP system. Even before the conversation with your customer is completed, his order will be processed.

All control of your data

Moreover, all data is stored securely. Personal data is stored in SAP Business One and access to price lists and catalogues is tailored to the seller, location and date. Valuable CRM data and your pricing policy, therefore, remain safe within your company's IT system. The chance of errors decreases and the correct prices and discounts will always be used. In addition, you and your customers can sleep on their two ears, as their data is securely stored in a GDPR compliant system.

More contact with the customer

There are countless applications and software solutions that promise you an increase in revenue, but the most important factors in the sales process are the seller and the customer. If this relationship is not right and there are no good contacts, no software solution can save the sale. The customer wants to feel that they are being listened to and the seller must be able to concentrate 100% on the customer and his story. Salesmate is so simple and complete that it works.

Desk Solutions has been specializing in software and hardware support for retail and wholesale for over 30 years and has increasingly heard this concern among its customers. Together with a few customers, she brainstormed about possible solutions for today's sales challenges. Salesmate emerged from these brainstorms.