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"How we grow stronger thanks to a new ERP system"

P. Boonen en co works with ERP by SAP Business One and Desk Solutions

Many companies have to deal with it: the systems are no longer up-to-date, they slow down your business growth and your company loses competitiveness. A challenge that P. Boonen & Co also faced. Thanks to a strong collaboration, they were able to turn this into a beautiful story: a new ERP system that they can use to continue to grow today.

An ERP system that could not follow

P. Boonen & Co is a family business that produces its own designed pipes, compensators and couplings for the petrochemical industry. In 2016, they noticed that their ERP system could no longer follow their growth. That is why they consulted Desk Solutions and had a new system developed. Today they enjoy a streamlined effect that helps them in all facets.

The search for the ideal package

P. Boonen & Co scoured the ERP market for six months in search of the ideal package. After weighing everything up, they opted for SAP Business One : a package with many options and an affordable price.

P. Boonen & Co : "In addition, it can easily be upgraded, something that is not always obvious."

Partner with personal support

After choosing a package, they were looking for a partner who could implement this for them. And not just a partner, but one that guarantees a personal approach.

P. Boonen & Co: "We find the idea of ​​being just one song horrifying."

They soon came in contact with Desk Solutions , a well-known player who has been helping companies grow for more than 30 years with customized business software. They immediately felt a click and went into the sea with them.

The latest technologies that are ready for the future

Desk Solutions often came by, supported during all phases, helped organize training courses and involved the ideas and experiences of their employees. Together they developed a strong system, completely tailored to P. Boonen & Co.

P. Boonen & Co: "Thanks to SAP Business One and Desk Solutions, we can always work with the latest technologies in the future."

No regrets!

Today they have been working with the system for a while, and they have never regretted it for a second:

  • The life of the staff is a lot more pleasant
  • Processes can be optimized more easily
  • Customers are better served
  • The company can grow thanks to the better tools

P. Boonen & Co: "And if we need extra help, we can still count on Desk Solutions!"