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Streamlined project management thanks to a tailor-made ERP

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CGK Group is a company of Gullegem (Belgium) that specializes in solutions for storage and use of chemical substances. But they are so much more. In order to steer the growth of various production units, a reliable and flexible ERP system was needed. They partnered up with Desk Solutions to help them.

CGK Group has four departments:

  • Delivery and installation of installations for the storage and use of hazardous liquids,
  • Solutions in GVK for infrastructure for road and hydraulic engineering
  • Unlock semi-finished products in plastic
  • Products to give stability to construction and lifting vehicles.

Michael Djalti, head of IT and marketing at CGK: "CGK grows 10 to 15% a year on average for six years. Our goal is to expand our production space through our four departments. But four departments also mean separate flows, from wholesale activities and series production to Engineer-to-Order projects. We needed a good system to continue to oversee our production."

Why we choose SAP Business One

"We did a lot of research ten years ago. We compared different solutions and dealers including Microsoft Navision, a solution by Oracle and a customized solution with an external IT consultant. We weighed factors such as functionalities, cost and the future of the solutions. SAP Business One was the best option. It is a solution that can keep up with the constant growth of the company. We tailored it to our needs with different add-ons."

Partnering up with Desk Solutions

"Initially we started this project with another partner. He had misjudged the implementation of SAP Business One and two years later completely stopped those activities. So we contacted Desk Solutions. Desk Solutions assure their experience. We have a good relationship with Desk Solutions. There were ups and downs over the period of the project, typical for larger implementations."

Implementation of variproject

"Project used to run outside of our ERP. We used Excel lists and costs or hours were kept manually. The standard production module offered no solution for us because we have an Engineer-to-Order model. Ultimately, the choice fell on variproject. variproject has been designed for such ETO projects. It has its origins in shipbuilding. It was a challenge for us to convert our manual system into a package. We had to adjust our production flow. So we started mapping out all our production flows years ago and continued to adjust these continuously through our days of growth. But we're happy to use variproject. It helps us maintain the many projects that are carried out during the process and ensures the correct allocation of materials and hours."

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