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"Thanks to salesmate our sellers work much more efficiently"

wholesales Dekoratief sells bird item and uses salesmate solution by desk solutions

A good, efficient sale is only possible with the right business software. Dekoratief, a wholesaler of decorative items, experienced strong challenges in their sales. But thanks to specialized software, they came prepared for the future.

A difficult sales process

Decoratief offers atmospheric articles to specialist dealers. They translate this into fully detailed themes, ranging from decoration to matching window material, luxury boxes, baskets, ribbons and so much more.

As a family business, where the 3rd generation is already active, they stand for innovation, innovation and progress.

Nevertheless, they have experienced some strong sales challenges in recent years. The sales process did not go smoothly enough, valuable time and accuracy were lost due to the manual writing and entering of orders, there was a certain error burden (which included the delivery of incorrect items), ...

Danny Verhelst (Manager of Dekoratief): "Moreover, after entering orders at trade fairs, we often came to the conclusion that we had lost a lot of energy in selling items that were no longer available."

The solution: linking with the ERP system

To address this challenge, they consulted Desk Solutions, a specialist in custom business software. The solution was clear: there had to be a direct link with the ERP system . Together the needs were defined, after which Desk Solutions developed Salesmate for them: an application that their sellers can use in the showroom, at fairs and during sales on the job.

Thanks to Salesmate, sales are much more efficient today. Customer-related data and stocks can be consulted, stocks are updated live and the scanning system ensures that employees can fully concentrate on sales (without all the administrative hassle).

Danny Verhelst: “We can say that the Salesmate is a hit. We could not live without it and use it on a daily basis. ”

"A company without ERP is like a café without beer"

Not only was Salesmate developed, they also opted for a new umbrella ERP system: SAP Business One . Both Salesmate and their webshop can function optimally today thanks to the real-time data provided by SAP.

Danny Verhelst: “For Dekoratief, SAP means an extremely useful platform for a smooth registration and consultation of all kinds of data. It is a place where a lot of data can be retrieved quickly and all necessary documents can be generated and retrieved quickly. ”