ERP software for the general management of your company

ERP software for the general management of your company

SAP Business One is an integrated ERP solution that provides insight in your entire business and gives you full control over every aspect of your operations. A cost effective all-in-one solution that helps with finance, stock management, sales, customer administration and business processes.

Financial management: total control over your finances

Your employees carry out financial and administrative operations on a daily basis. Preparing and booking invoices, monitoring payments, registering deliveries, ... With SAP Business One, you have a complete set of tools that manage and streamline your financial administration.

Sales and administration: creating a loyal customer base

New customers are important for success, but optimising your existing relationships is just as important. With SAP Business One, you have an ERP that helps you with all aspects of the sales process. From initial contact to final sales, service and support.

  • Better and faster service to your customers
  • Minimal administration for sales

Purchase and stock management: increase profit margins

Every company needs a systematic approach to the procurement process. SAP Business One helps you manage the entire process: from order to payment, including order forms, invoices, and returns.


  • projectmate

    A project-based ERP maintains the overview of the many current projects

  • salesmate

    Salesmate: a simple application to boost your sales

  • TMC

    Simple tool for projects and tasks

  • planmate

    Make an accurate planning for all your projects

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“Thanks to SAP Business One and Desk Solutions, we will always be able to work with the latest technologies in the future.”

Boonen NP
Boonen NP

“We chose SAP because we were convinced of the importance of an international package with the support of a local partner. SAP Business One also offers the right amount of ERP for an SME.”

Vandenbulcke Confiserie

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