SAP solutions for complex industrial issues

SAP solutions for complex industrial issues

Manufacturing companies need a flexible ERP system that grows at the pace of their production. A reliable ERP partner such as Desk Solutions can be of great help!

ERP solutions for manufacturing companies

Desk Solutions offers solutions for industrial companies which manufacture products, machines or complex industrial installations. After prior research and with the necessary insights in the industry, we provide appropriate business software.

Business software for project industry

Complex industrial projects require specialised solutions. Reduce costs, accelerate lead times, manage projects and schedules more efficiently, ... These are some of the aspects we consider together with you!

  • Produce more efficiently
  • Better overview of planning and projects

The success of an ERP project in the industry

With a solution like projectmate, you can easily maintain an overview of the many industrial projects and corresponding planning, and ensure, besides many other things, that materials and hours are allocated correctly.


  • projectmate

    A project-based ERP maintains the overview of the many current projects

  • TMC

    Simple tool for projects and tasks

  • planmate

    Make an accurate planning for all your projects

  • Wondering which solution suits your company best?

    Discover your future-oriented ERP!
  • Office 365

    the IT cornerstone of any organisation


“Eventually, we decided for SAP Business One. This package can keep up with the constant growth of the company. Add-ons ensure that you can compose a package in line with your activity.”


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By combining an ERP and our sector-specific add-ons we create software tailored to your company’s needs.