Streamlined project solutions thanks to a customised ERP

Streamlined project solutions thanks to a customised ERP

Projects and plans evolve, that's the way it is. Our ERP solutions help you get a grip on fluctuating projects and schedules so that you can react and adjust in good time

The success of SAP Business One, projectmate, planmate and TMC

With various add-ons and web applications, Desk Solutions has developed tools to boost your projects. At the heart of these systems is SAP Business One, an ERP tailored to SMEs.

From agenda planning to flexible planning app

Thanks to our mobile solutions, you can monitor every step in your ERP.  For example, you can use an app to adjust the planning in real time. Because this application is linked to your ERP, you are always in control.

  • Thanks to dashboards and a link with ERP, you stay in control of projects
  • Adjusting planning in real time

The features of a project ERP

Via de project ERP (projectmate) van Desk Solutions kunt u alle gegevens van uw project eenvoudig en snel ingeven, opvragen en analyseren. U organiseert de volledige flow en behoudt een overzicht van alle projecten met bijbehorende taken.



“Eventually, we decided for SAP Business One. This package can keep up with the constant growth of the company. Add-ons ensure that you can compose a package in line with your activity.”


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Choose your future-oriented ERP

By combining an ERP and our sector-specific add-ons we create software tailored to your company’s needs.