• Desk Solutions developed a solutions for retail and wholesales with SAP business One as back office
    A user-friendly POS on a powerful ERP
  • service and MRO with projectmate by Desk Solutions a project ERP with SAP B1
    Every step and every project a success
  • SAP B1 is an ERP solutions for the future. Desk Solutions the best partner
    An innovative ERP that is trusted worldwide
  • salesmate is the solutions of desk solutions to flourisch on tradefairs and evolve your business to the next level with desk solutions and SAP Business One
    Sell anytime, anywhere. The sales solution for representatives, trade shows and store clerks.
  • fashion retail for clothing and shoes work with retailpack the best solution with good POS by Desk Solutions
    A modern and reliable POS for every retail store Make your store omnichannel
  • make your collections in a heart beat with itemxtra the solution by Desk Solutions works on SAP Business One superbe for wholesales and b2b
    Quickly and easily enter collections and assortments into your ERP.
  • planning a team on a project with planmate by desk solutions is without stress
    Accurate project planning to the minute real time communication
  • Windrader made possible with MARIproject
    control your projects completely
  • work anywhere anytime and let your business grow and shine with office 365 and desk solutions as your partner
    O365 the pillar of every organization reliable, simple and versatile
  • colorful hardware and software solutions and knowledge by experts in business and growth
    A good and reliable infrastructure is a gift for your company.