A good and reliable infrastructure is a gift for your company

colorful hardware and software solutions and knowledge by experts in business and growth

Computers, laptops, tablets, printers, ... everything is possible!
Through our partnership with various reputable suppliers, we can offer high-quality solutions at very competitive prices.
Another solution in mind, Desk Solutions can also help you choose and support.

take good care of your network with our desk solutions software and hardware solutions
Secure your network

Good security is essential for your company. Our security experts can help you build a secure network.
Our firewalls and antiviruses are available at a competitive price and are internationally recognized.

server are the core of your business take good care of them ask desk solutions for help and help your business
On premise or Cloud

Cloud or rather your own server, in both cases Desk Solutions can support and guide you.
KMO in the Cloud is a Proximus solution developed to let your company run entirely in the cloud. The solutions is a total package so nothing is missing.


A good and reliable infrastructure is a gift for your company.

reliable, simple and versatile

Over the years Desk Solutions has been able to develop a good relationship with various nationally and internationally recognized providers. This allows us to offer quality solutions and reliable support. As we are specialized in software as well as hardware, we can offer you the best support.

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Additional Features

Desk Solutions focuses on security and helps you to save your data. All your data is stored compliant at the GDPR in data centers. Moreover, we can offer you various bundles that help you with your database management and security.


Nothing is as frustrating as slow-moving infrastructure. Periodic check-ups are offered for both your infrastructure and hardware. This allows us to intervene on time and help you keep your infrastructure up-to-date. This saves you time and frustration.


Personal support from people who really understand your business. That way we can think along with you and your growth.