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Windrader made possible with MARIproject
Project analysis

MARIproject helps you control your projects completely, from the calculation, resource management, purchasing and time tracking to billing. All data are in one system. All employees have access to the same database. This allows up-to-date project analysis adapted to your industry that helps you keep track of your projects at any time.

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Completely represented

The process is completely represented: from the entry of travel expenses and the payment to the employees up to billing to the customer including the respective tax correct treatment.

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From calculation and planning via time recording, travel expenses and materials entry to billing and maintenance. And you can easily calculate and bill projects with complex billing types such as fixed process, milestones, at cost, degree of completion etc. 

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international, easy and powerful

The combination of SAP Business One and MARIproject give you full control. Every project is completely represented in MARIproject.

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Additional Features
Web Client

MARIprojec contains a Web Client with extensive project functions.

Cloud or no cloud

There are no limitations, MARIproject can run OnPremise or in a private cloud. We'll help you decide what's best for you. 


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