Sell anytime, anywhere.
The sales solution for representatives, trade shows and store clerks.

salesmate is the solutions of desk solutions to flourisch on tradefairs and evolve your business to the next level with desk solutions and SAP Business One
up to date

Due to the connection with your ERP, all information remains up-to-date. No time is wasted on selling non-deliverable items, price corrections and surplus administration. All orders are immediately processed in your ERP. Even before the representative is out the door, the order is already registered in SAP Business One and the processing can start.

fashion wholesales and retail love to work with salesmate the sales solution for B2B and B2C by Desk Solutions It works on SAP business One
Always and everywhere

With salesmate you can sell anytime and anywhere, the only thing you need is a connection to the internet via WiFi or mobile network. The ideal solution for sellers on the road, cash & carry, trade shows and showroom sales.

With salesmate you can easily create new customers and orders that immediately appear in your ERP. Moreover, the price lists are checked and managed from SAP Business One.

salesmate by Desk Solutions helps you close deals and be the best sales representatives with all data from SAP

You can determine which catalogues and price lists are made available per user. The sellers and representatives can effortlessly log on to the system and sell at the latest and correct prices. All orders are also processed immediately in the ERP.

As a head office, you can keep an overview of all your sales and customers.


Thanks to salesmate you can sell anywhere without hassle or preventative administration.

transparent, up-to-date and mobile

Sell with the right prices and the latest catalog, regardless of your location or the time when. That is all possible with salesmate. salesmate is in direct contact with your ERP and only needs an internet connection to shine. This loosely coupeld solution facilitates the sales process of every seller by removing unnecessary paperwork. Significantly less time is lost on non-deliverable sales, credit notes and administration. With salesmate the seller can concentrate on his most important task: selling.

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Additional Features

Sell everywhere thanks to mobile internet or WiFi.

loosely coupled

Desk Solutions and SAP Business One provide a loosely coupled solution with Salesmate. This means you can always work with up-to-date information.

customer satisfaction

You can help your customers faster, which results in an improvement in customer satisfaction.