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SAP B1 is an ERP solutions for the future. Desk Solutions the best partner

Are you looking for innovative ways to reach new customers, maximize your efficiency and drive growth. SAP Business One can help you better manage every aspect of your business.

SAP Business One is the ERP package for SMEs designed by SAP. It contains everything a good ERP needs and can be adapted to your company. For example, all Belgian fiscal details are included in the package. With Business One you work with an international package with the right local keys. You can also enjoy specialized support with Desk Solutions as an implementation partner.

grow your business and reach the top with ERP of SAP Business One implemented by desk solutions

Let your business thrive with this affordable, scalable ERP that helps you manage sales, customer relationships, financials and operations. SAP Business One automates and speeds up your end-to-end business processes and improves decision making and customer satisfaction with real-time insights.

In addition to the extensive features in SAP Business One, various modules can be added. SAP Business One is the powerful ERP core from which other programs extract valuable information. The core of the program is never tampered with, so your valuable data is always safe.

how SAP business One and Desk Solutions work together to let you(r business) flourish

SAP is constantly investing in the improvement of its software. As a user you can always work on the newest and best technologies. Available on premise, on demand, and powered by our in-memory computing platform (SAP HANA) - the choice is yours.

Stimulate application performance and analysis with in-memory technology Give employees on-the-go access to SAP Business One with our mobile apps.

SAP Business One offers reliable quality and innovation worldwide.

Flexible and powerful

Grow your business with the powerful core of SAP Business One enriched with various modules and programs.

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Additional Features
Customized or standard

Every company is unique, so why not your ERP. SAP Business One can be perfectly adapted to your company.

Cloud of on premise

Do you prefer to work locally or do everything in the Cloud? Both are possible with SAP, you decide.


When your business grows with SAP Business One, your ERP grows easily with you. That makes sense, right?